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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  November 6, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> good morning. let's take a look outside with meteorologist ava marie. >> it is still chilly.
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we're in the 30's and 40's. very bright skies from baltimore out toward the west. on the eastern shore, still more clouds. should clear out into the afternoon. ocean city high of 58. baltimore 56. western mountains into the mid 60's. ravens play later tonight in pittsburgh. pittsburgh reaching a high of 60 degrees. for kickoff, down to 61. toward the end of the game, make sure, as you tailgate, grab the jackets. if you are heading there in the comfort of your own home. we'll have another check on the forecast when we come back. >> now to our big story. after spending months, baltimore native matthew vandyke is back on american soil this morning. >> sheldon dutes has more on the homecoming. >> he walked out of the terminal
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to hug his mother. >> it feels great to be moment home. it was a long eight months. >> our interview was interrupted for the moment matthew's girlfriend had been looking for. >> it was better to see him in person than in my head. >> he's gained some weight back. >> he told his mom and girlfriend he was going to write. now we learn the real reason behind his departure. >> i went there to support the revolution. my family did not know that when i left. you don't tell your mother that you are going to go fight in a war. >> in march he was captured by gaddafi forces and spent months in prison. >> i was sue respecting the revolution when i was captured. i was captured in a truck with weapons when i was captured. >> matthew was stuck in solitary confinement. >> i sang guns and roses songs to myself. i tried to name all the "star trek" characters that i know.
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>> he tried to help his libyan friends. now he's back home and already pondering his next step. >> i think i'm going to start training. >> training for? >> the next arab revolution. there is a lot more to be done. >> matthew's family would like to thank all the people who helped bring him home. they are hosting a welcome home dinner. sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it was homecoming for more than -- for national guard members. after returning from a nine-month deployment in iraq. their assignment included public affairs support to print and broadcast journalists. soldiers and families say they can hardly contain their excitement. >> all the people out here supporting us made us feel good. it made us understand people missed us and were happy we were back. >> back to real life, family
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life again. we need to be back seeing the family again. >> a former welcome home ceremony will be held at a later date. >> dozens gathered at the site of a murt in east baltimore to remember a victim. family, friends, and community members turned out at the yao brothers carry out where freddie jones was killed last week. jones was gunned down inside the same carry out where a security guard for the afro american newspaper was killed. organizers say it was time toll rally together to tick control of their neighborhood. >> obviously the crime rate has come down, the murder rate has come down, but nowhere near enough. we believe if the church is involved, we can support the community. if enough of us rally in prayer, god will change it. >> friday police arrested 17-year-old markell jones in connection with the murder. two other suspects remain at
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large. >> two brothers recovering after they were stabbed in aberdeen. officers were called for reports of an altercation before 3:30 saturday morning. when they got there, they found david dudley and his brother su suffering from stab wounds. both were taken to area hospitals. no word on what led to the violence. >> police in baltimore county are trying to figure out how a man's body ended up in a dump center in towson. we're told the victim had a head injury. at this time the police do not suspect foul play. >> a two-alarm fire in perry hall. 15 adults and two children were forced out of their homes when the fire started around 10:00 friday night in the 9700 block of haven farms court. investigators say the fire started in the ceiling of the
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third floor condcobbed condo. fortunately no one was hurt. >> investigators say 11-year-old anthony vindell and 2-year-old delonte l died when the car they were riding in burst into flames. it happened friday night on martin luther king jr. the cause of that crash remains under investigation. >> 907. coming up, a look at the obligations employers have to u.s. troops and their families. >> the ravens get ready for their second match of the season with their arch rivals. we're talking about the steelers. we'll talk to the fans coming up. >> a chilly start to the day across the mid-atlantic. coming up in the seven day, warmer weather. the insta-weather plus forecast after the brea
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>> we're seeing clouds off toffered the east. winds light right now out of the west. they are going to be turning more southerly as we head into the afternoon. the sun rose at 6:40. because of the time change this morning. however, there is a drawback to that. the sun will set at 5:00 this afternoon. it gends on whether you like the morning sun or afternoon sun whether you will be happy with that. at least it is helping the temperatures to warm up quickly. 50 degrees in totion city. the further west you go, chilly. 39 degrees in frederick. we have seen clouds across the east. they are inching their way into the eastern side of baltimore. this is where they are going to stay as we get that eastern flow coming in off the ocean. we have the westerly flow the further you head the western half of the state. high pressure system in control. a few clouds. overall this high pressure system is going to keep things quiet for the next couple days.
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eventually a storm system will be moving in from the plains. right now it is tracking flu nebraska, oklahoma, down toward dex. behind this chilly air moving into the west while out ahead of it, cooler weather. 65 rite now in dallas. the mild air pushing in soon. until that happens, you want to have the jackets handy. as i mentioned, mid 60's. 58 for ocean city. 54 out toward the west by come berland. a few more clouds will linger in ocean city throughout the day, though it should clear out as we head into the afternoon. as fr today, the winds light. the thing to worry about, coastal flood advisory in effect from baltimore all the way down along the chesapeake bay. that's around high tide. for the inner harbor. the tide could be up around two feet above normal.
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tonight skies clear out across the eastern shore. something to watch out for. it won't be as cold as we were last night at this time. even in the downtown area staying into the upper 30's and low 40's. seven-day forecast looks good. despite fog tomorrow morning, we'll be mostly sunny in the afternoon. 64 on tuesday, 65 on wednesday. all that mild air coming in ahead 6 our storm system. a chance for rain on thursday. some of that could linger in for the start of veterans day next friday. >> by now you should know that the ravens are playing the steelers tonight. it is a huge game for the ravens as they try to beat the stealers for the a second time this season. >> this time they will have to do it on the road and we talk with the fans about the big game. >> what a fun game for ravens fans. that first game of the regular season when the ravens demolished the steelers in a 35-7 win at m&t stadium.
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now in week nine, the ravens go on the road to pittsburgh, and at pete's grill, more than pancakes are being served up. so are thoughts about the big game. >> i'm pumped up. of course i was excited when we won the first game of the season. i know it is going to be a different game. i think the ravens can pull it out. >> they are our nemisis, the steelers are. we -- i am concerned that we need more consistency and balance in the team. >> every game i get fired up. i get more fired up with the steelers, though. >> i ovep hope we win friday night. i hope. >> pete's owner darlene castle is a huge ravens fan. the signs are all around, along with bobble heads and bobbles of another kind, ravens jewelery. >> they come in to eat and then we show them the jewelery.
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>> what would work for all ravens fans would be a win on sunday night. for the players going into hostile territory, it would be nice to see folks from baltimore at heinz field. >> when you go to pittsburgh, you see black and yellow everywhere. >> so for how diehard fans feel about the steelers, in case they don't already know -- 40's -- >> oh, i don't like the steelers at all. >> they are not my favorite. ravens-steelers tonight. gerry sandusky live from the -- from heinz field. 8:20 here on wbal-tv 11. >> it will be fun. >> up next, the financial obligations employers have to u.s. troops and their families.
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>> plus, it is time to update your fall look. find out what styles to boy now that will work well into the winter. >> first a look at events going on around town this weekend. [ male announcer ] dandruff, meet micro-beads.
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any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing. >> welcome back. it is time for a look at the top going on right now. service members have can have a
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stressful time. not just about concerns over family but returns to employment when they come back. legal obligations we need to know about. legally, when you are called to active duty, you are supposed to have your job to come back to. is that right? >> that is absolutely right. when you come back, you do have a few hoops and hurdles you have to jump through. you have to give a notice of intent to come back. once that process is set in place, you do have a right to get your job back. >> that doesn't always happen. >> that doesn't always happen, and it has happened a lot in the last five years. >> what happens to some folks, they will go away and say, your job is no longer in existence here. is that how some employers are getting by this? >> yes. and in a large part, i think a lot of employers don't know they have this obligation. the ememployer doesn't
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necessarily know that they have this obligation to either bring you back to the job you have or put you in a similar position. >> are some people returning and not realizing that they have a right to be hired back as well. >> absolutely. some people come back and get told, sorry, no job. they don't understand there are rights they can pursue. what should people do? >> the best thing you can do, the command center for me, the place where you come back, they have good resources there. they can help you know what to do. the state of maryland, department of veterans affairs
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has some great resources. >> it is horrible to think that these men and women go away to defend our country and don't have a job when they get back. >> you never want to come back and fight legally for your job. you it may not have a good practical consequence. you may get the job back, but what position are you in? >> obligations all over the place. good information to know. hopefully people will be able to get their job back. please don't go away. coming up next, "sunday gardener." >> well, it is autumn. it will soon be winter. one thing i know, you probably need filters and things like that.
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>> good morning and welcome to your "sunday gardener". if you have a pond in your yard, something that goes beyond a bird bath. my bond is not really a popped, it is a big bathtub set in the ground, but if you have something this small, you need to get that ready for winter, too. >> ideally you have brought in your trop calls and clean td out a little bit. right back here we have joe.
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any which, he's cutting back a lot of the hearty plants. >> that will take them down to winter. >> what about trying to oxygen ate and clean. >> they are relatively inexpensive. so that's what i would do. i would come back and get new ones. >> you will have them rotting. >> and you don't want to give up your bathtub. but if you have a kids tub you want to put in the basement, go for it. >> they do need a light bulb. >> a lot of those auqua tifment c trop calls will definitely slow down. you can wrap them up in wet newspaper or use -- move that pond inside and not worry about the money. they will be going dormant.
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>> what about the cleaning? the best thing to do is take the water level down. what we suggest people do is get a big trash can. move the fish with them if you have fish inside. and just clean up the walls and everything. >> wipe them down. no salt or anything like that. >> no, just get as much as you can and put fresh water in there. don't overdo it because your fish have acclimated to one area. >> you might want to save the old water. >> and replace some of that. >> and treatment and whatnot. >> one of the things that falls upon in the fall is leaves. >> absolutely. is we showed a couple years ago where we went to a pond and put in some steel, metal wires, fishing line, and put out the stakes and displayed them. >> keep the leaves out and keep the birds out. >> i lost fish to herons and
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things like that and crows over the winter. >> it is quite a sight. >> they are beautiful, graceful birds. >> now, palm trees in the depth of winter, january, february, you don't want ice to completely cover the pond. the fish are in a dormant stage. they still have to breathe. >> and they do produce gases. we have a couple different sizes. you would need a big deicer. >> most of these will -- they bump into the side walls they won't hurt anything. >> what about between now and when it freezes over and the fish go to sleep for the winter. do you have to feed them? >> there are transitional foods out there for spring and autumn. watch carefully.
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you will notice these -- you know when we were here a couple months ago, they were here waiting. >> and this particular food won't follow the water as much because it has different components than the summer. >> i have a handy-dandy cheat sheet. >> they can stop by and have these available. >> tips for your pond or in my case, bathtub. if it is only just a bird bath, don't let that freeze over. >> there are birth bath feeders. a lot of birds you are feeding all winter long would love a fresh bath available. >> see see you next week. thank you -- we'll see you next week. >> if you have a gardening question send it to 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore, maryland 21211. you can go on our web site at
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>> 9:27. 45 degrees on tv hill. coming up a father touched by tragedy because of distracted driving is now trying to keep you from that. >> and our fashion show. our must-haves for all you fashionistas out there. >> and the leaves are starting to peak. as we come up, we'll look at the forecast. that's after the break.
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>> welcome back. >> ava, it is warming up quickly out there. >> we're bouncing back from temperatures at freezing. winds light out of the west. leaves are spectacular out there. you may have noticed it if you are driving out there. if you are heading out today, keep in mind, it is on the chilly side. we're only expecting a high of 58 in ocean city. 56 in central maryland. when we come back, we'll get a check at the seven-day forecast which includes warmer weather.
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>> thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> you are hear to talk about your daughter, the tragedy that happened to her. tell us briefly what happened to heather? >> we were visiting heather in florida to plan her upcoming wedding. had he was meeting us and stopped at a traffic signal. a tractor-trailer driver was texting and driving and hit nine people and killed my daughter instantly. are you satisfied with the direction that's going? >> we have a continuing
9:32 am
education and awareness campaign. >> how do you think nationwide this texting campaign is going? >> it has picked up steam. certainly oprah has helped with that. it has picked up steam across the country because we are creating a culture change. that's what we are looking for. >> it is not just the texting. it is any kind of distracted driving. >> correct. >> and tell us a little bit about the upcoming event that you have to help support. >> we are having our third annual heather herd. we raise awareness for distracted driving. we create book scholarships. any money we have raised go to book scholarships, and we have raised over $30,000 in the first two years. >> and harford community college has a special place in your
9:33 am
heart? >> oh, yes heather went there and she loved it. sarah caldwell will be hosting our race, and we have been active in that as well. it is a wonderful thing to create awareness and change people's habits one person at a time. >> so when you are driving around, do you see a change? >> we still see people unfortunately that haven't gotten the message yet so we try one perp at a time it change a habit and that's how we'll end distracted driving. >> what efforts do you have with the legislature? >> well, we would like to see a total cell phone ban. that may be slow in coming. again, we would like to see different things with driver's licenses. kids getting their licenses for the first time, we would like to see stronger rules on that as well. >> no cell phone use aat all? >> we found cogtively our brains are not wired to do that. it is like writing a paragraph
9:34 am
and reading one at the same time. you can't do it. it is no safer to use a blue tooth actually. there have been plenty of studies, university of you'd utah, virginia tech, that show cogtively we can't do that. >> so you continue to travel around the country? >> we're trying to get heather's law passed in the state of alabama. it has been a continuing effort. >> l the heather heard, 5-k walk line at the harford community college at 401 thomas run road in bell air. the number is 443--- or go to >> what is the cost? >> $20 if -- $20. if you are a harford community college student it is $15.
9:35 am
>> thank you for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> and next week, our guest will be baltimore states attorney glen bernstein. e-mail questions at don't go away. we'll be back with more news in a minute. here's david gregory with a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." >> coming up, one year, election day 2012. herman cain dealing with a sexual harassment controversy. can his campaign survive sfl plus, jobs numbers signal an up-hill battle. >> joining me for debate, haley barbor and phil richardson, democrat from new mexico. then our "meet the candidate" series continues. can a moderate republican break through the pack? through the pack? that's on our "political [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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>> good morning. we're back with a live view from the skycam. you can see the clouds out toward the east. while it is mostly clear in the west, it is 41 at b.w.i. 47 at the inner har bow. we're still going to have clouds along the east. they will clear as we head into the afternoon. that will help temperatures stay mild in the eastern shore overnight. they haven't changed must over the last couple hours. 45 in easton. where we have had the sunshine, those temperatures have bunesed right back. as we -- bounced right back. 45 in frederick, which in fact, frederick started the day off in the 20's. big contrast there as we get
9:39 am
sunshine in full force. clouds out across the eastern shore. not affecting baltimore with much until you look toward the east. all the way out toward the western tier of the state. bright skies helping make fall colors that looked so spectacular right now. hopefully you get a chance to get out and enjoy it. high pressure in control for the next couple days. it is strengthening across our area. as we head out, quiet tranquil weather will follow. then we talk about our next storm system which now is moving in across the plains. out ahead of it, milder air surging in from the south. that's what we're going to be looking for, too, as we head into the seven-day forecast. right now 66 out of dallas. 57 absolute. you see this bubble of heat starting to surge in across the south. this will push eastward as the storm system continues to most east as well. looking forward to that. for today, a crisp cool fall day. toward the afternoon, clouds clear out.
9:40 am
central maryland, look for the clouds off to the east as you are up to a high of 56. the western mountains up to 54. no major problems for the day. the thing to watch out for, the time of high tide which happens around 3:46 this afternoon at the inner harbor. a coastal flood advisory in effect as we reach the high tide. the tide could be up above two feet above normal. not quite as cold as we were last night. milder weather. 60 degrees tomorrow. 64 on tuesday. 60's on wednesday. a chance for rain thursday into friday morning. >> if you vrnt changed over your -- well, if you haven't changed over your closet yet or you want to add to your fall wardrobe, we have help here. >> these are big this year,
9:41 am
ponchos. it is important that even though it is fall, you can be fashionable and warm. >> and you are wearing another trend. >> we have lovely models this morning. the main thing we want to emphasize is her scarf is polka-dots. >> and what did you call this sweater? >> huckleberry. it is another word for purple. this represents the color. you can also look at her boots. she has flat boots. you can be stylish and you don't
9:42 am
have to necessarily wear boots. >> this is little red riding hood without the red. >> one of the next biggest trends is plaid. plaid is really big. it is seeb all over the runways. >> flad is back. >> it is back, and this is what i would call the grainy plaid. something your grandmother might wear. the granny style is in your face plaid. it is big print. this is double-dutch boutique. >> and she has the boots on now. >> the sile with the skinny jeans to tuck them in. >> exactly. she's comfortable and looks great. more of an evening look. >> this is sidney. an exclusive line from macy's.
9:43 am
if you look at the inside, she is actually wearing a halter top. what makes this fall is the cardigan here. so if you saw this top in your closet you might say sime going to put away for the summer time. but it is -- >> it is important for ladies, you must have the right bra. >> please. >> because it can take away from that look. >> it is important that -- the wrong bra takes away from the look. >> yes. >> this is testify knitly transitional for paul. >> you can add to it and stretch it out. >> thank you so much. >> this lady looks like she could be from the 70's almost with her mix of colors. >> this is alisa. thds from cat walk boutique.
9:44 am
>> color blocking is really big this spring and summer. color blocking is when you take two colors that may be contrast and they also compliment at the same time. it's a great alternative for black. you have to know the colors and be able to pull it off. >> she can definitely pull it off. >> she could wear a sweater with it. >> but it is a great party dress. you go outside and get warm and you are ready to go. >> and you will be noticed in that dress. >> yes. >> very beautiful. >> and now we have more the drigs traditional fall look. >> the sweater jacket is all over the place right now. >> this is from macy's of white marsh. it is exclusive to macy's. the sweater dress i don't think will go anywhere. it is not a look we haven't seen before. when you pair it with a leather jacket it shows you can take
9:45 am
different textures and put them together. don't be afraid to mix and match. >> and depen the earrings. >> they go well and they are beautiful. >> stay here. we'll bring the models back up. where can we find a lot of these outfits? >> macy's at white marsh. >> stretch your wardrobe. up next, we're in the sunday kitchen for brunch. first we want to show you last night's winning lottery numbers. snue
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>> welcome back. it is time "sunday brunch". havana road cuban cafe. >> buenos dios, baltimore! good morning, baltimore! this morning we made chile for the ravens. now we make brandy pumpkin soup. >> let's get started. >> i had two medium onions chopped up. i had one large green pepper. i love garlic. garlic is good for you. gives the food a lot of taste. the secret to any soup.
9:49 am
a lot of chefs will flavor there are soup after ward. i flavor mine at the same time so when i eath add in other ingredients, it checks shocked full of flavor. we have a teaspoon of powder, onions rvings a teaspoon of garlic powder. pepper. again, you can adjust these seasons depending on how spicy or flavorful you like it. now, my pumpkin soup is not sweet. i put in a dash of vanilla. a dash of nutmeg. this recipe has been taken by three generations. i kind of made it mine. a little bit of oregano.
9:50 am
>> that's my favorite. >> don't forget the cuban. >> actually, this is my favorite. >> that's the hot. this is aye an pepper. you want to add a ceyanne pepper. can we get a shot here. >> we have a minute. >> ok. a minute. we add our brandy. a ton of brandy. there you go. that's like 3/4 of a cup. >> somebody was drinking that brandy. >> really? >> now we go with -- i have two cups here. is he >> libby's bread. you want to fold that in really well. >> i thought you will to get a
9:51 am
pumpkin and scoop it out. squ who has time for that? >> i don't have time. you keep doing that, i'll tell them how they can get a copy. you can send a self-addressed. to 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore, maryland 21211. >> she's going to put this in. we'll be back in a minute and show you the finished product
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>> the longest running rivalry we can find in high school football. m&t stadium. the former city grad his final game, the coach of poly. retiring after 43 years of coaching. will kens -- wilkens in the two-point conversion. jordan garis son -- hits jordan garrison. brandon owens never had a chance. appropriate. stuffs it. 1:13 to play. fourth and one. as much as as soon as he gets the first down, game is overnight poly has another chance. millburn.
9:55 am
plenty of time to throw. halls it in. 15-6 left in the game. play action. ball game. poly. one of the most dramatic editions of the game. >> there we have it. >> we're going to have a huge -- >> it is going to be cool today. mid 50's. another chance for rain holding off until the end of next week. >> this is really delicious. >> this is excellent. >> havana cuban cafe on pennsylvania avenue. >> "meet the press" is next. have a great day.
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>> as the i-team first reported, maryland residents are generous when it comes to breast cancer
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research. the charities that collect for the cause will receive almost $6 billion this year. however, as lead investigative reporter jayne miller found out how much goes to research and expenses may surprise you. looking over federal tax returns, the i-team found organizations that spend more than 50% of what was raised on organization entionpenses. according to the maryland greater business bureau, that's a breach of spending and something consumers need to take into account when making a donation. a minimum of 55% should go to the organization's cause according to b.b.b. standards. as the holiday end of the year, we encourage viewers to remember those in need or a cause close to your heart. there are organizations that monitor charities and
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nonprofits. to learn more about them, we invite you to log on to and click on i-team.
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